Comment: GOP runs Republican on LP ticket

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GOP runs Republican on LP ticket

The Republican Party did not like the Ron Paul rEVOLution advancing into the party, taking seats, becoming delegates and running for office. They felt things were just fine the way they were and didn't need the party crashers coming into their sceen and demanding to restore the Republic.

"The GOP has lost it's way". Ron Paul supporters were overheard saying. "We're going to take the party back to the constitution", seemed to become a theme.

As hard as the GOP worked to keep the Ron aul supporters from becomming Republicans, delegates and committee members, they finally got the break they were looking for, when lifetime Republican, Gary Johnson, who was running as a Rebublican against Ron Paul and other candidates decided to help his Republican friends, by taking a leading role in the Libertarian Party for those who really weren't into the fight, but love a scene, sign waving, crowd surfing, pot smoking.. anything for a luagh in the name of freedom, liberty and hate of the establishment.

And off they went... Ron Paul supporters dropped Ron Paul, his message and the GOP like a bad virus (what the GOP always knew they were anyways). The trick has not worked as well as they hoped, but it has helped a lot in that many Neocons believe they can breath again and go back to lying, stealing and cheating without worrying about some Ron Paul supporter busting them.

The GOP is indebted to GJ, of not for him, the GOP would be facing some really angry Ron Paul Republicans.

The GOP says, THANKS GARY.. we look forward to when you finish playing rock star and come home, we have plenty of gifts of appreciation because we really are grateful for taking those bothersome Paulbots out of our way.