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You don't know what fruit I bear

"You judge a tree by its fruits."

The question is are you bearing the fruit of truth in Yahs word or are you bearing the fruit of Papal fallacy? It's quite simple and if you are not testing yourself by Scripture then you are being led astray,<<<<

I test myself by a lot more than Scripture, which Satan is able to quote chapter and verse and use to rationalize a lot of evil. It was a Pope who predicted the great evil that would result from contraception which has been borne out as he predicted.

>>>>Don't just listen to other people but "Test all things and hold fast to that which is good." If you study for yourself then you KNOW what you are doing but if you just listen to other then you don't know anything. <<<<

Who said I didn't study Scripture? Scripture is a collection of books written in many different styles and must be read and interpreted according to the style. There is allegory, parables, poetry,etc. One of my favorite resources is Scott Hahns "Understanding Scripture". The Catholic Mass is almost entirely Scripture, much more so than ANY Protestant church I ever attended. The Catholic Mass reads all of Scripture over a 3 year period. No Protestant church does that. They cherry pick passages they like and ignore the rest.

>>>>I'm not surprised in your "Sola Scriptura is heresy" belief, since the catholic church doesn't want you to know the truth.<<<

You wouldn't even have a Bible to worship if it weren't for the Catholic Church preserving it. No priest or deacon has ever tried to prevent me from reading Scripture. I DO know I was fed a lot of lies about Catholics when I was Protestant. We do not worship Mary or statues, or the Pope. We venerate. And yes, there are many great saints, people whose lives were examples of awesome faith, people who I aspire to be like.

>>>>> The very idea that the truth of Salvation is not contained within Scripture just goes to show how backward and obviously false your thinking is.<<<<

I never posted that. Where are you getting this? Please stick to facts and reality.

>>> And it further goes to show that you do indeed worship the Pope.<<<

You are making no sense. Nothing I have posted shows any such thing and your simply pronouncing that does not make it so.