Comment: This "doctor" is a quack

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This "doctor" is a quack

Stimulants have a paradoxical calming effect in people who are genuinely sufferers of ADHD. ADHD is a very real disorder that is treatable with medication, coaching and self-management of thoughts (mindfulness).

People put on ADHD medication who don't actually have ADHD respond poorly to the drugs, feeling agitated rather than calm. ADHD suffers who take too high a dose can also feel agitation until their dose is lowered. If this quack "doesn't care" whether these kids have ADHD, he's either going to harm them or else prescribe them a pill they don't like and will refuse to take which they will then sell on the black market.

Qualified and responsible psychiatrists monitor their patients carefully at office visits, interviewing them before and after starting medication to see if there is a positive outcome, and stop the medication if it's not doing the job or is causing side effects.

General practitioners (or worse, school-employed amateur psychologists) are not qualified or competent to diagnose psychiatric illness nor manage psychiatric medications.

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