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Back in 07/08

I for one was not a Republican and I don;'t recall there being many Republicans for Ron Paul. I couldn'r bare the idea of becoming a republican, and I think many felt the same way.

So Ron Paul at the end of his run had a press conference where he asked the third party candidates and Independent Ralph Nader to join him, telling us, vote for anyone of these guys. It didn't matter whether he agreed with them or not. Bab Barr from the Libertarian Party (another lifelong Republican) didn't even bother showing up (tells you about the real inside track of the GOP/LP relationship).

So basically, Ron Paul sent us all back to where we came.. I gave Ralph Nader a fourth vote.

As for the write in campaign, I've worked on write in campaigns for Ralph Nader for three elections. From my experience, Ron paul is not a write-in candidate, this is another misleader option.

CA Sec of State sent me an email response saying they would post valid Write in Canidates in CA OCTOBER 26th. So you can write in Rion paul, but that does not mean your vote will be counted.

I have to ask, if writing in Ron paul is your choice, and you do not know for a fact, if he is qualifed, wht would you give the government all that personal information on your registration card that nayone can buy a dime a dozen names?

Many people here are still learning, and prefer to believe what they read that they like, rather than do the homework and find the truth.