Comment: Why work so HARD to defend your party anyway?

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Why work so HARD to defend your party anyway?

Why work so HARD to purge the neocons from the Republican party when you can take the EASY way out and stomp over the the Libertarian party with your one vote where they will welcome you with smiles and back slaps?

Who actually thinks the neocon-controlled, war-loving, spending-loving, gun-hating, constitution-hating NEO GOP can be won back by paleoconservatives? I do. As long as we all keep fighting and don't foolishly join the perennially 5% minority and make it a temporarily 15% minority while the NEO GOP becomes more entrenched and harder to bring back from the dark side.

Absolutely don't vote for Robomney, write in Ron Paul!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.