Comment: It's not that hard

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It's not that hard

The neocons are old and tired and have no new blood replacing them. All we have to do is show up and vote NO. How hard is that?

In CA, the sec of state said she will post IF Ron Paul is a write-in candidate Oct 26TH. I'm willing to bet you he is not, because HE NEVER APPLIED, and being he ran as a Republican, sour grape laws would apply to him.

Why give the county, state, all you personal information on a voter registration so they can sell to anyone, to throw your vote away on a chance, that your vote may be counted for numbers sake.. All Romney needs is 22% of the electoral vote to win.. looks to me, he's got that.

It's not about Romney.. it's about the message: WE ARE THE FUTURE, so Romney better watch out, because we know what he did to us, and why we won't run away.. but remain, to take him on in our own party.