Comment: The main push was behind the delegate strategy

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The main push was behind the delegate strategy

We really didnt have a plan B. We threw everything we had at getting delegates and while it was ultimately unsuccessful I must admit it was far more successful than I thought it would be, even considering the fierce opposition, fraud and cheating we were up against. That strategy will have long lasting effect too both good like getting supporters into local,state and national leadership positions and unfortunately in some cases bad, like the RNC stomping on future delegate strategy attempts.

A major write-in strategy wasnt developed because if he couldn't even get the delegates or republican nomination, a write-in strategy had no hope of success especially given the unfair rules for doing such. The opposition and dirty tricks would be far more fierce and difficult to overcome as well.

That said that doesnt mean their werent and arent supporters working on write-in strategies and working on changing write-in rules and have been doing so for a very long time and even as we speak. I would suggest finding them, supporting them and spearheading the effort in your state if you feel strongly about it.