Comment: There are several good elements in that article

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There are several good elements in that article

but it has been written by someone who is very uninformed.

Obama's military budget for 2012 is $1,219bn NOT the circa $535bn mentioned.
(BTW the above article was given to me by an ordinary Dem.
We do have quite a few anti war allies who are ordinary Dems and there is Kucinich.)
Loads of Dems are also anti banks - but have not yet reached an understanding to be anti Fed.)

Did you realise that not even the cost of maintaining the US's nuclear weapons is included in the DoD budget?
The cost of operations in Afghanistan - not included.
Loads of other things come out of other departments budgets - e.g. veterans pensions.

I had Romney's proposed increase over Obama as $1.8tn (first term).
It might well be $2tn as mentioned in your article.

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