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Comment: 2 More Questions

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2 More Questions

(please correct me if I'm wrong about any of the details)

1) If there was thermite planted in the buildings, how could the planners have been sure that the plane crashes wouldn't have set off the collapse of the building immediately? In other words, wouldn't there have been a "risk" that a plane would've set off the thermite explosions and the building would've collapsed instantly? I guess one possiblility would be that the explanation of events could've been presented as "they (meaning 'the terrorists') flew planes into the buildings for effect and then set off the explosives". Then again, what would have been said if that happened in only 1 of the 2 towers?

2) If I remember correctly, in some of the videos I heard explosions in the background during interviews w/ police/fireman, etc. But these explosions were NOT directly followed by the collapse of a building.

Mind you, I know that there are interviews w/ fireman from that day who said there were explosions directly before building collapses (or as it was happening) but, just to clarify, I'm not referring to those explosions.

I guess the simple explanation would be that there could've been non-termite-related explosions happening that day as well.