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GOP is far from dead

The party is a shell, it's the people within who make the difference.

The Neocons are leaving. There is no one to replace them as they get old, tired and leave. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

We are coming into the party and armed with the constitution and Ron Paul's message. We are changing the party.

"Ballots thrown in the river and broken bones are not what we did. That was done by indiviuals who YOU choose to run away from, and allow them to get away with fraud, lying, cheating stealing, breaking bones and tossing ballots. We are not running away. We are remaining in the party, and like our symbol, the elephant, we remember what they did, and we will do even better the next election, because we KNOW, we have a great message, thanks to Ron Paul. We are armed with the constitution, and we are fighting those in the party who threw ballots in a river and broke bones. There are laws and they should and will be held accountable.

The GOP is not dead. We are the GOP and we are winning, despite Romney, despite the broken bones and ballot in the river, despite GJ and those like you who run away and refuse to fight.

GJ is a REPUBLICAN doing the Neocons a favor, don't you get it?