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Paul this really explains nothing. It is anti-science

Pica is often a result of mineral deficiency, but we are talking about ADD/ADHD, a very specific disorder. Pica is rarely, if ever, a symptom associated with ADD. That is irrelevant.

Saying ADD/ADHD is caused by blood sugar crashes and a subsequent adrenaline boost has no scientific backing whatsoever. Everyone has fluxes in glucose. Not everyone develops symptoms of ADD. Uncontrolled diabetes does not lead to ADD symptoms, either. In fact it causes lethargy and stupor, the opposite of ADD.

If ADD is truly caused by a chromium and vanadium deficiency, then a case-control study could EASILY be conducted. Anyone who knows someone with ADD could conduct this study. Diet deficiencies have very specific and consistent effects that can be measured and observed across the world.

Joel Wallach is absolutely full of shit. You have bought his snake oil. He caters to people who are paranoid about mainstream medicine and have hope that there are simple cure-alls. This is anecdotal fiction. This is not a case-control study. There is no attempt to explain a scientific mechanism. There is not even a second example!

Come on, man.