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Submitted by go213mph on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 08:25

Still getting excited about the election???? What gives?


Lets see...

Since we all have proof that the RNC and the DNC were rigged, I can't seem to square the circle of how our votes matter. In my view the election is just a distraction for us serfs as the people behind the curtain ready their plans for their next move in the grand chess match.

It really is strange to me that so many people here are outraged by the shameful nomination process but then move right back into arguing about who they should vote for. What am I missing? TPTB made it clear that voting does not matter and they are probably sitting back laughing that no matter what they say or do...the people will STILL revert back to fighting amoungst themselves about things that they should KNOW make no difference anyway.

Very strange