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I've got nothing againt General Practitioners

No disrespect meant to GPs who aren't doling out drugs inappropriately. I've got 3 doctors: general practitioner, neurologist, psychiatrist (6 doctors if you count non-MDs dentist, psychologist and nurse practitioner as "doctors" in quotation marks). Different docs for different ailments, each with their field of expertise. In fact, I wish I had a GP in a private practice instead of hospital associated. I'd even pay out of pocket for concierge care. But it's hard to find a PCP anymore, then hard to get an appt to see him.

I stand by my opinion that general practitioners should not be diagnosing ADHD or other psychiatric/neurological problems nor prescribing such meds IMO.

Giving ADHD meds for those who don't have ADHD for the explicit purpose of "performance enhancement" is crazy. It's unethical and not good for the kids. This quack is a pediatrician--a specialist in young patients? Or a GP for young patients? Either way, he calls ADHD "made up" which is horse shit, then he mis-prescribes powerful stimulants to patients who won't benefit from them (except by selling the pills to their classmates). I'm surprised his state medical board isn't yanking his license to practice.

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