Comment: Totally Squares with my Libertarian Views

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Totally Squares with my Libertarian Views

This is no problem. The FDA is unconstitutional because it has a monopoly over regulation. That is why federal regulation is such a bad idea, A common misconception about libertarians of both capitalizations is that we would prefer to see no regulations. I would be ok with California passing a law of such a nature because they are in the sense of the constitution, individual countries.
To solidify this point imagine there was no federal government and only state governments, as a citizen of your state, does this regulation help preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if the answer is yes, than Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul and all the rest, would probably agree on that version of certain regulations, such as providing a label for GMO foods.
The biggest problem with federal regulation is that there is no competition. Truth be told, maybe private citizens just suing the companies and only buying food from suppliers that note on their own label that their product is non-GMO would be the better solution, but that is what the legislative process is about, trial and error, the problem is when you deal with the federal government, once some crappy regulation is passed, and your screaming, nobody is listening...

You just got PAULED!