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First Paragraph: That's awesome.

Second Paragraph: Also awesome.

Third Paragraph: I'm going to disagree. You're voting FOR a candidate. The political party is part of it, but in the end it comes down to a candidate and how they'll run the show. Voting to materialize Dr. Paul's message at the local level is awesome and powerful, but that doesn't mean it needs to be a straight ticket vote. Personally, I think political parties are the worst thing to ever happen to this country, but I can't fix that. What I can do is not vote for Romney as a way of voicing my displeasure to the GOP. Results matter. If enough people think my way, that means a loss for the GOP and a clear lesson of "yeah we're not supporting guys like this." If the GOP wants to remain in power, they need to put guys we like on the ballot, end of story.

Fourth Paragraph: Entirely doubtful. I love what Rand is doing holding Romney's feet to the fire here, but Lindsey Graham is off doing the "Rand is a traitor" dance as usual, and he's not alone in his thinking. There's no way Republicans will be impeaching Romney. No way in hell, sans a "Romney beating his wife and children with a copy of Mein Kampf while touting the benefits of socialized medicine" moment.

Fifth Paragraph: Granger, it's not about Johnson. Honestly, I do like Johnson, not as much as Dr. Paul, but he really doesn't matter. Joining committees on the Lib party is an awful idea, but voting this way sends a message. There's zero chance of the Libertarians winning or even coming close. That's not Johnson's fault. There's no reason to not get involved with the GOP and then still refuse to vote for Romney in the Presidential ticket. Worst comes to worst, just don't vote. You're attributing WAY too much importance to Johnson honestly. This "his job" talk is silliness. No one is getting involved in the Libertarian party that wasn't already. Voting =/= getting involved with.

Get involved with the GOP. Work to CHANGE the GOP, but that doesn't mean we need to vote for Romney. If Romney wins, our work goes out the window because they'll think this sort of behavior and candidate can fly. He needs to lose so people learn that candidates like Romney don't work anymore.

Eric Hoffer