Comment: Seems a bit hypocritical don't you think ?

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Seems a bit hypocritical don't you think ?

Seems a bit hypocritical don't you think ?

Well, yes it would be : if it were only so, on the Muslims' end.

Problem is, in France, you have double standards :

you can spit all you want on Muslim faith, or even as different others such as the Catholic one, or Jehovah Witnesses' ... but you CANNOT, or I promise you you'll find yourself in big trouble if you DARE only debating some historical issues surrounding the Jews.

This is like there is one group, only one, you just CANNOT "touch".

Now, I ask you, as a Christian, MYSELF : what happened, there ?

Some retard decided, in all knowledge of what he was doing, EXACTLY, TO INSULT the Muslim faith AND cult.

Muslims, in France, KNOW they cannot do anything to even try to sue that person : thanks to the freedom of speech that protects satirists, as you said, exactly right.

Remember, though : you CAN mock Muslims, or Christians, in France, thanks to this freedom of speech. But don't touch the Jews. Just DON'T.

So, what did offended Muslims do, since they're not idiots and know about that freedom of speech of their attacker ? Well, they had to go out in the streets to at least SHOW and SPEAK OUT, in public, the offense made to their belief.

And what does the intelligentsia, the laicist, socialist government, and accomplice media do, in response to that ?

Just the usual propaganda : "ahh... you know, Muslims, they tend to be extremists real quick, look at 9/11, and all that ! We've got to contain them BEFORE it degenerates !"

And so they win :

Muslims are now PREVENTED, A PRIORI, to even protest PEACEFULLY in defense of their own belief.

But the Jews, or the atheists/laicists, for sure ... STILL CAN.

Just say something, ANYTHING, that can displease them.

Not only they can protest, but they'll find a judge to send you in jail or have you pay fines for the rest of your life.

Because of your being accused to be a RACIST. And France has anti-racist laws : you cannot say anything that encourages racism.

But oh so conveniently enough, these laws don't seem incompatible with seeing the protection of the Muslims faith against offenses (by peaceful assembly and protests) NOT AS IMPORTANT AS preserving the "public order".

I mean ... Woa.

So, how's that for hypocrisy ?

You're right : there is, INDEED, huge amounts of hypocrisy.

You just have to look into the right direction, my friend.

Are you living in France ? I don't. Though I used to, for 39 years, till 3 years ago. I know a bit the country I come, if anyone wonders.


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