Comment: I sympathize with the unfairness that you write of

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I sympathize with the unfairness that you write of

I agree the hypocrisy runs deeps.

It doesn't change my core belief or principle.

I am free to walk away from "things" I find offensive.

let's clarify my definition of offensive
2. Causing anger, displeasure, resentment, or affront: an offensive gesture.

I am not defined by someone's offensive remarks or drawings.
I am defined by my words, actions, principles.

I see no benefit in entertaining an ignorant, misguided, closed minded soul who likes to crack jokes at my expense. When you engage that behavior you allow the offender to win!

Please understand...
I condemn harassment, threats of violence, endangering the welfare of a child, coercion.. etc That's completely different and a protest worth engaging.

I'm not against any religious faith - only the acts of violence extremist of any religion may commit in honor of their faith.
I abhore and at the same time have compassion for the misguided - They may never be at peace.

and now I think I'm rambling but....Almost all the worlds religions have had their moments of poor leadership creating an atmosphere of violent coercion. So, they also all take turns being the victim. Man oh man... When will we, human beings across the globe, learn from our history.

Lysiandad -> I admire your passion - sometimes it's difficult and painful to care soo much. Although my passions may differ from yours, I'm confident our contribution makes a positive difference.