Comment: Well, I have the same attitude as yours

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Well, I have the same attitude as yours

Well, I have the same attitude as yours, matter of fact.

I'm not going to go in the streets if only because, say, some imbecile call and despise Jesus as a fraud in a journal that only his partisans buddies read anyway. I'll just ignore the hater. And I'll continue to believe in and praise my only True Lord.

But freedom of speech encompasses also the freedom of being offended and letting people know that you are so, especially when the law is SUPPOSEDLY neutral :

for instance, I can imagine myself going out in the street IF ONLY to say that abortion, for a "desired economic or social outcome" is wrong, and that I'm against any law that, if passed, would ask FOR MY MONEY to fund its projects, to take another sensitive though non strictly religious example.

This is a typical and easy example where the law stops being just, neutral, and becomes unjust instead. The Law perverted, that uses force for a group against another (in this example via property transfers to fund things I would morally condemn for myself).

But if the same abortionists do something I, and others, including atheists, consider immoral and against my beliefs in society, if they DO NOT enforce the implications of their questionable choice on me in any way ... so be it. Their choice, their call to go to hell. Which is no biggie because they'll usually don't even believe in it.

Everybody is happy then, I guess.

My point was :

Freedom of speech is the right to say whatever you find positive or negative, if only to attract public attention.

Put regulators, bureaucrats, and lobbyists in the loop ... and freedom of speech BECOMES AN ASSET that they'll want to control the investment thereof just like anything else.

And that, IMO, is immoral, unconstitutional, and typically : socialist, anti-liberty, of a planners agenda.

And, yes :

Peace. Indeed.

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