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Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification.

And, in turn, I can confirm you this has been going on for decades in France, in fact. The French have several of these complexes, also with their relations to money and morality.

A lot of hypocrisy indeed. And what the same socialist demagogues have done there against the Muslims (after using them, decades ago, when these generations of North Africa immigrants were useful to them and their access to power, via media propaganda "poor muslims vs. rich catholics" for instance) was just ... outrageous, to me.

These politicians bureaucrats really have no shame, no pride, no honor. WHATEVER WORKS is their motto. Then, steal, lesson, steal some more, lie, and write in laws new rules to be rigged, to steal always more out of the French middle class' sweat thru taxes.

The French ought to wake up too, some day. Really badly.

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