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its a start

what rand is doing is getting things going in right direction....leading by stop foreign aid in a few places ...then you add more and more...just like we were eased into all the shit the goverment is doing now...this is sort of a same thing but in opposite direction...ending it all at once is looked at as "extreme...rand is dumbing it down!...softening the blow! like end the fed ...became auditing the fed...knowing auditing would ultimately end it...alot of people viewed ron pauls ideas " to extreme" so rand is taking different approach...ending some foreign aid will snowball we see the need for it and that its doing us good!

Ron Paul still hits hard and stays consistant and keeps the non compramising people like the most of us on here are...motivated and fighting rand will spoonfeed it to the others that havent awaken yet! this is genius!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!