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Both Neocons and Neoliberals for a NWO

Both Neocons and Neoliberals are together for a NWO, and they team up to advance their UN Agenda.

The principle behind the rEVOLution is to Restore the Republic, by filling the seats and offices to constitutional government. We are covering our bases in the GOP to break the duopoly that gives us a corporacracy.

The major parties were the same, but we are changing that game plan.

The world should know what the RNC did to Ron Paul Republicans, and that the Ron Paul RepubliCANs did not run, but were oath keepers, and put Romney in office to hold him accountable to the constitution. The GOP could have a melt down, from within, as we continue to keep our oaths, work to eliminate loyalty oaths to the party, and charge those within the party with treason when they break the loyalty oaths they took to the constitution.

The Constitutionalists, oath keepers, tea partiers and Earthquakers are all on board.. the Neocons have no new blood, they are old and tired. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

Your principle is to run away , toss your vote in the name of hate and revenge. Lousy principle IMO.