Comment: Anti-war lost it's way

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Anti-war lost it's way

Anti-war lost it's way when it started pandering to the left.

If you don't appreciate what C4L does, don't support them. But I support them and applaud them for providing the tools to materialize Ron Paul's message. The left has NOTHING that compares to C4L.

If you don't seek actualizing LIBERTY FOR ALL, by all means bash C4L.

I see these arguments that people who worked for Ron Paul made MONEY!!! Gasp! They didn't get a lousy government check, so they must be evil because they made a money. Now making money is a bad thing, yet everyone wants to make money.

Frankly, I don't believe anyone working for Ron Paul made as much as people would like to believe. And Ron Paul never discloses, or defends these kind of undermining attacks as he is very private, so his opposition, which are many on the left who want a massive government filled with people who don't make money but simply sustain, so we are all equally poor and in debt.

Those who are working to cash in on Ron Paul is GJ, write-in campaign by Richhard Gilbert trolls, and those who use Ron Paul's name, charge fees for their association.. big list.

Ron Paul is the founder of C4L and activily participating. LONG LIVE C4L!!