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if you quit assuming you know what people do and actually read and comprehend what is written to you, you might get a clue...
You offer nothing but character assassination.

Either way...
You still do not comprehend that who I vote for and who becomes President is irrelevant to my attendance of committee meetings, GOP events and how I personally do things. And NO I am not going to play who has the "bigger tally-whacker" game with you this time.

You still do not comprehend that most of us said we would never vote for a flipflopping Obama clone.

You still do not comprehend that if we go against that word, then the RNC will have no reason to listen to us ever again as they will not fear losing based on our insignificant impact in this election.

You still do not comprehend that if Romney (whom supports the NDAA, the Patriot Act and other anti-Liberty, Anti-Constitution policies) wins we are set back and have to wait 8 years for another Liberty Candidate.

You still do not comprehend that if Romney (a flipflopping anti-Liberty candidate) wins you cannot trust him to do a thing and you certainly are not going to be able to get him to follow anything except his own agenda. He isn't running on a platform, well unless you consider his flipflopping a platform...

So to think electing this untrustworthy sod to office is going to further the Liberty movement in any way, is delusional at best. It certainly does the movement no favors while it can and will in fact hurt it.

We may be winning, but you and your kinds character assassinations does us no favors and it certainly helps not by electing an anti-liberty candidate who will do nothing but harm to the movement and the movement's credibility.