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Textbook ESTABLISHMENT GOPropaganda.

Notice the DECEPTIVE word "Paulian." It's designed to FALSELY hitch Ron and Rand together, as if they are the same.

Notice the words "ill-timed endorsement." They are designed to soften the DISGUSTING sellout (his own father to Sean Hannity) by positioning it as some sort of unfortunate accident. It's clumsy propaganda, as it seems to insinuate that there could be a... WELL "timed" endorsement of a LEFTIST, PROGRESSIVE, CHICKENHAWK.

Notice the sentence "criticism now has more bite and media pull than it would have otherwise had." This is an absolute lie. His "pull," voice and attention were EXACTLY THE SAME, before his treacherous sellout to the Establishment.

Notice the phrase "I still disagree with..." This is CLASSIC ESTABLISHMENT BS. It's designed to make the propagandist seem more credible... more clear-minded and rational. It's ALWAYS ATTACHED TO A "but." It's the EXACT SAME TECHNIQUE as the "I agree with Ron Paul... but (insert insults and lies)" that was used during the primary.

Notice the "but we see now that Rand did not completely emasculate himself by his endorsement! Quite the contrary." This is just damn insulting. This propaganda line is on the level of the Jedi Mind Trick that you would use on children. HE HAS NOT "REDEEMED" HIMSELF AND HAS DONE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO HIS CAREER AND THE INTEGRITY OF THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT AND TEA PARTY THAT BACKED HIM!

Notice the TRUE MOTIVE BEHIND THE PROPAGANDA: "The liberty movement still has a Senator (and a promising presidential candidate in 2016)!" 1. USE RAND AS A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE ESTABLISHMENT GOP and the Liberty Movement. THIS IS THE CO-OPTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE THE TEA PARTY!!!! AGAIN... **ALERT, ALERT*** THIS IS THE GOP CO-OPTING!!!!!!!!!! 2. Position him as 2016 contender. Personally, I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for Rand, as he has proven himself a LIAR! He either supports Liberty, and LIED ABOUT IT with his UNFORGIVABLE ENDORSEMENT... or he supports the Establishment, AND LIED ABOUT IT by hooking up with the Liberty Movement. YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH!!!!!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.