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Sounds like

I'm pretty sure we both see where the other is coming from, we just kinda doubt the other's actions will have the efficacy they hope for.

I don't think anyone is worried about Gary Johnson in the slightest. What I hope for is for when Romney loses and the GOP needs to find someone to blame, they look and see higher than usual numbers voted Libertarian. In that case, they'll know that they weren't able to mobilize liberty folks behind a candidate like Romney.

Maybe it's a timing thing. I think it's worth 4 more years of Obama to send this message to the GOP in time for Rand. Will it suck? Absolutely. Do I think we'd have much, if any control over Romney once he was in? Absolutely not. If he doesn't win, he's going to be furious and disappointed, and so will the entire GOP along with him. There's nothing we can do about Romney if he wins the Presidency as Republicans either. In fact, we'd got better chances of stalling Congress with Obama in, because the Republicans will oppose what he throws out there just because it's coming from Obama. If Romney wins, almost all the Republicans in the congress and senate will vote his way immediately, just like Republicans under Bush with Medicare Part D.

I know we may both see things differently, and Granger I definitely approve of your exact strategy in ALMOST everything else, it's this one point I disagree on what the outcomes will be. I think we're doomed to agree to disagree until the election at this point, lol.

Eric Hoffer