Comment: FDA allowed GMO without Testing

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FDA allowed GMO without Testing

Government is the problem.

GMO should have never been on the market. Yes, the government allowed GMO without any testing when the FDA scientists disputed the safety of GMO and urged their superiors for long term testing. There are over 44,000 pages of documentation by FDA scientists saying GMO should not be on the market until proven safe. The head of the FDA, Michael Taylor, former attorney for Monsanto, said that GMO was no different than other food so no testing was necessary.

Because of the FDA,USDA and EPA, Monsanto has no regulation. Monsanto can put any of their foods into the market without scientific testing.

Go to around 5:48 of the Documentary and hear how the Government illegally allowed GMO on the market.

Access to Documentary "Genetic Roulette"

Pass: Dfue51@jmc

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