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I have to say that this article

expresses much of my current sentiment. Yesterday I got an 8 1/2 X 11 envelope from C4L and knew instantly that it was going to ask me for a "contribution". Of course the first page was a letter with the "stamped" signature of Dr. Paul.

I understand that C4L, Benton, Wead, Rand and even Dr. Paul himself have been and to a great extent, still are in "campaign mode". Whatever. I just know that when Rand endorsed Romney it took all the wind out of my sails. I saw the moment when Rand "turned", or perhaps showed his true colors, after the Maddow show when he got caught trying to play politician. He went in unprepared like a rookie but that wasn't so bad. Afterward, he turned and ran right into the arms of the GOP and started finger pointing at the "looney left" for his own failure to hold his ground. Since then, Rand has cozied up with Hannity and continues to compromise. Some would say that compromise is necessary in order to ultimately win. Sometimes I tend to agree.

However, I look at the strides that Dr. Paul made in two election cycles. Even toward the end of this cycle, his anti-war message was beginning to resonate with people at the grassroots level. "We can't afford another war", and "we need to mind our own business", were words being spoken on the street. The last bastion to overcome was finally dented, without compromise. Then, implosion.

I know nothing of Jesse Benton or Doug Wead, except what I read. I like Tom Woods, as I like Ron Paul. He has provided some "behind the scenes" glimpses of what went on in the campaign. I have read comments from Benton about the "fringe" elements in the Ron Paul camp. Elements from which I still have scars on my ass after having debated in this very forum. But those elements I have come to respect and embrace as part of the voice of Liberty.

I still believe that Dr. Paul lives by the Law of Liberty. He gets it. In order to do this, one must align his values and principles with those of Liberty. Johnson doesn't get it, at least not presently, as evidenced by his endorsement of government intervention with gay marriage and school vouchers. But then again, neither does Rand, at least not fully, with his willingness to compromise on critical issues. Viewpoints change. Character develops. Just today, Rand made a statement that he disagreed with Romney on his willingness to support the Syrian rebels.

Our leader has stepped off the stage. Only the principles we were taught remain. The fight continues. Corporatism, the MIC, a bought out media, big pharma and fear-mongering rule the day. So what do we do?

We are not going to change this with a vote. Johnson cannot win, even though a message will be sent if he does better than expected. We have people in the GOP, Blue Republicans, Libertarians, health nuts and ground troops. Like Rudy said, we are everywhere, as it should be. And, as Dr. Paul has said "Liberty unites". Even though we may have different ways of getting there, we are headed in the same direction. Liberty!

Liberty cannot be forced. Attempts to force someone to vote Johnson, write in RP, or vote one of the major parties is anti-Liberty. Opinions can be voiced, facts brought out, truth revealed and evidence presented, but in the end Love and Respect must rule the day. We must respect each other's right to freedom of choice, and personal liberty. Otherwise we give in to the principles of Negativity and Control and are no better than those we rail against.

My sermon for today. Please send your intended C4L contributions to me instead. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!