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I responded to you and others who took an interest

I've been thinking about a thread. Being my dyslexia is my greatest enemy, a thread is not very easy for me.

I do not see Benton and Tate as crooks. They did what Ron Paul asked. If you joined the GOP, connected with your committee, became credentialed, you got emails, phone calls, and support. If you did not, the campaign had eright to protect themselves from those who were NOT with the program.

I'm asking you to DO WHAT YOU WANT, and telling you what I'm doing and why. As an elected committee member and part of the GOP establishment who believes government should be transparent, I'm being open and honest because that is MY principle.

DO WHAT YOU WANT. I would LOVE to have you sitting with me on a committee, but that has to be your choice, and whatever your choice, it's it yours, as mine is mine. I'm happy with mine and I hope you find happiness, peace, and liberty in yours.