Comment: Another Rand hit piece with nothing but hot air.

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Another Rand hit piece with nothing but hot air.

Rand's bill and ad opposing foreign aid are right on the money. The author faults him for not going after Israel. Don't worry Mr. Giraldi, that great friend of liberty (?)Senator Lindsey Graham took care of that for you (by implying that Rand's bill was somehow an attack on our relationship with Israel).

The neocons LOVE to wrap themselves in the Star of David anytime anyone criticizes foreign aid in general. Remember that is exactly how they criticized Rand's budget proposal that cut off ALL foreign aid to ALL countries. (A bill the author conveniently fails to mention.)

It is obvious that the author doesn't like Rand. He also seems bent on signing the revolution's death certificate and dismissing all efforts to maintain Ron Paul's legacy.

He wants to question Rand's motives.
I question HIS.

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