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Propaganda dessection is tedeous, but necessary...

"I don't think anyone here has seen too much of it."
This tactic is the basic Marginalization tactic. It's designed to position the target as insignificant and totally alone in their pov. While the FALSELY STATED "anyone here" implies complete agreement with the propagandists opinion.

"Endorsing a Neocon is evil. Therefore the endorser is evil."
A complete exaggerated, overly-simplified lie. The word applied to Rand was "sellout," not "evil."

"you hit the road"
This is another typical Establishment tactic. Conversation HAS TO END somewhere, so the propagandist will capitalize on this, by always claiming the conclusion was from their target's fear, lack of confidence or getting "zinged." The propagandist will also manufacture a FALSE "history" for their target of running away "NUMEROUS times" or similar behavior - to FALSELY reenforce this. Of course it's false, but the readers don't know.

"My my my, what a high horse you have!"
Another awkward lie. My original statement about bleeding and dying, as anyone can see, WAS TO CALL ATTENTION TO HOW LOW I AM! How LITTLE I am sacrificing to correct deception.

"when he endorsed Newt Gingrich for Speaker of the House and John Boehner"
When propagandists find themselves in a bind and way behind, they will SCOUR RP's history for ANY blemish to then use as some sort of contradiction "zinger." Like his Afghanistan vote "for war." I've become somewhat of an UNWILLING expert (as best I can) on his voting record to fend off the Establishment attacks during the primary. The Newt/Boehner Speaker support brings two thoughts. Number one, without my researching the issue, I'll wager he voted for their Speaker positions BEFORE their dreadful legislating (during their "promising" phase). I'll also wager AFTER THEIR DREADFUL LEGISLATING, RON PAUL NEVER AGAIN SUPPORTED ANYTHING THEY DID!!!! WE KNOW HOW ROMNEY/RYAN WOULD LEGISLATE AS THEY HAVE LOOOONG RECORDS!

And... number 2, for a real ZINGER... (are you listening)...

What did Ron Paul GAIN... from those Speaker votes? Did Boehner, Gingrich or the GOP nurture his Presidential run in 2008? 2012? Or did they PULVERIZE IT WITH THE DIRTIEST, MOST CORRUPT, ORGANIZED CHEATING THIS NATION HAS EVER SUFFERED? What was it Boehner said in Tampa... "The ayes have it"... right?

What did he gain?

What has Rand gained?


Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.