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I don't hate Ron Paul or Rand Paul, but I say we've been deceived, and we might as well be honest with ourselves so it doesn't happen again. Telling someone the truth is not HATE.

Sure, in and of itself, but you can certainly use the truth for hateful reasons, can you not? For instance, using grossly distorted facts, or using facts out of context? How about using a set of facts to justify a non-related action?

That's what is being done here. I don't like seeing people vilified. I don't like seeing people attack liberty supporters for supporting a candidate, and generally I don't like people who use the caps lock key for every other word. I especially don't like these things when they're being done in an intimidating fashion based on a personal ax to grind.

And if it weren't the truth, why do folks like yourself get so offended?

Because the truth matters, and distorting it is wrong. Claiming to know things you only have conjecture on is wrong. Doing so to try and tear people down is wrong. If nothing is ever good enough, nothing gets done and no one can prove themselves. Actions must be taken in context or they won't be understood.

Now I'm actually slightly confused as to the first sentence there. Try switching the meaning around. If it were the truth, why do folks get so offended? It doesn't follow. Something being true or untrue doesn't really have anything to do with whether or not someone gets offended. You can be offended by things that aren't true just as easily as by things that are true.

If someone told me I was going to hell for eating beets, I would not get offended and try to justify my eating of beets--I would laugh and ask them where they got such a silly idea.

Lets make the beat idea simpler. What if the person told you beets could poison you and destroy your health unless they were cooked in a certain way? That new evidence has linked beets to cancer rates over time? What if other people saw the research and agreed with it and stopped eating beets. However, when you look at the research, you see a flaw immediately and that beets are healthy if not disgusting (which they are). Do you just quietly eat beets and smirk to yourself? Do you try and show people the flaw in the reasoning?

I've asked a very simple question:

If you hate and do not support Rand Paul or feel that vilifying his supporters is ok based on his endorsement of Romney, do you also feel the same would be ok if done to Ron Paul based on his prior endorsements of Gingrich and Boehner?

Eric Hoffer