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"You can be offended by

"You can be offended by things that aren't true just as easily as by things that are true."

From what I've seen, people get offended by a statement only when they think there is some slight possibility that they are wrong. The point being that if they THINK what you are saying is true, but they don't want to conform their lives to it, they get angry.

"Do you try and show people the flaw in the reasoning?"

Yes you should as I. I think that is precisely what Winston and you are doing. I happen to believe Winston has a better case. Rand has not apologized for what he did, so until then, I have to conclude he is just another politician.

And to answer your last question. Yes Ron Paul and his supporters should be held to the exact same standards as Rand and his. If Ron endorsed someone and then regretted and apologized, and proved he was sincere by not doing the same over and over again, he could be trusted. If not, then no, we shouldn't support the man.

Christians should not be warmongers!