Comment: Guys please read this article

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Guys please read this article

Guys please read this article as well.

Article from a few weeks ago. From this article I gather that the farmer purchased the seed from the local grain elevator that was contaminated with Monsanto’s. Then used that seed to plant second season crops. Which is fine and dandy. But he took it a step further. He purposefully tested the entire second season crop with glyphosate which allowed him to identify the Monsanto strains and save the Monsanto seeds for next year.

He went out of his way to identify which plants carried the Monsanto modifications to use them later. This guy might not be as innocent as we think. It's one thing if the Monsanto seeds just happened to be in the seed he got from the grain elevator. Its something completely different when he searches out Monsanto seeds to reproduce purposefully.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.