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Comment: I truly believe Rand's

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I truly believe Rand's

I truly believe Rand's allegiance is with his father. He's just playing a different ball game. He's incrementally winning the minds of the more deeply brainwashed. It's not easy for some to wake up!

I know a lot of older Republicans who have respect for Rand. If he didn't play ball and endorse Romney, they would have written him off like they have his father.

Rand's strategy is simple. He agrees with the Establishment types, gains favorable press, gets noticed by more Republicans in general, then disagrees with the Establishment (not too much, but just a little). He wakes up a few people without gaining too many enemies or turning the Establishment totally against him. He then repeats the process.

Rand is on our side.

We need to be mindful of those here trying to discredit Rand and wonder whose side they are really on...