Comment: STOP the infighting, and smell the roses DUDES!

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STOP the infighting, and smell the roses DUDES!

Those who are still advocating the write-in Ron Paul only campaign, are doing EXACTLY what the establishment behind the two party system wants you to do.

Their strategy is simple. If you won’t vote for one of the two presidential parties that be, please write in your Republican candidate Ron Paul. If he wins (which they know won’t happen), they have still secured their TWO PARTY SYSTEM.

Grow-up and smell the ROSES, the last thing the establishment wants, is for a THIRD PARTY to emerge out of all this.

This is not about Ron Paul, or even Gary Johnson for that matter, it's about breaking the corrupt two party system.

Please people, “Put on your "Thinking Hats" while we still have a chance".

The Winds of Change!