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Do the math

Minimum voting age = 18 years
Lp member = 17 years
Indy = 16 years
Ron Paul RepubliCAN = 2-4 years

18+17+16 = 51 years

add 2-4 years of being a Ron Paul RepubliCAN and she's approximately 50-55 years of age. Do you believe that?

What she's doing, serving on gop campaigns and committees, I did 20 years ago and my father did for 40 years before that and his father did it for 30-40 years before him. Been there done that. I know others here who have a similar pedigree within the GOP. She claims a few comments above, that she welcomes input and advice from those who have experience. Yet when experienced people offer her advise or constructive criticism she verbally attacks and degrades them. She is always right, never wrong, and "loves" everyone, until they disagree with her. Then her "loved ones" suddenly become all kind of loser trash batting for the other team.


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