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You have become blinded.

You speak about the GOP meetings as if they're some enlightening holy place. I've been to GOP meetings. Yes, they agree with us on the budget, taxes, social issues, and liberties. But they're against us on a main subject: foreign policy.

But you can throw all our similarities out the window when you realize that they're willing to support a RINO like Romney.

Budget? Romney has not said he would cut anything and if he did I wouldn't believe him.
Taxes? Please, he hasn't talked about anything of substance where taxes are involved.
Social issues? Who can tell? He's flip-flopped on most of them and gives the strong impression that he will switch to whatever stance will get him elected.
Liberties? He supports the Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, and so on and so forth.
Foreign Policy? I've been very irritated with Obama and his foreign policy considering he's a liberal. But now Romney is promising to crank up our foreign affairs overseas. THIS IS MY MAIN ISSUE.

All of these things stack up against Romney. And I'm tired of you using the MSM as a scapegoat for the hate of Romney. That is the most idiotic thing I've ever read here. Anyone on the DP that watches the MSM (that would be the minority) takes their opinions with a grain of salt because they know it's bullsh*t.

No, Granger, I'm sorry. We have that opinion of Romney because of his voting record, what he's said, what he's done, and the clear part he played in Ron Paul's fall to destruction this election.