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It was never your, "our", vote to fracture and if anyone FRACTURED anything it was the lib GJ who puppets RP every chance he gets with out even knowing how to read the constitution, let alone follow it, or know the proper role of gvt.
It was you all who fractured yourselves, the dumb, confused- libs who follow GJ, (and there arent many of you).. but Libs can be loud and make up for your lack in numbers, I suspect most of u are gay as well, and like fairy gairy for who he is!!! Oh yes Gairy, WE KNOW!

whatever the case, most GJ supporters are confused, let down, gay- Obama voters who do not/can not understand conservative principles, including protection of innocent life where ever it may be found, running a WINNING campaign thats not in massive debt and a NON intervention foreign policy.
GJ is a Liberal who speaks to other confused libs who- if GJ were not available would happily vote for Obama AGAIN. Thats the diff.
If your choice was only romney or obama you would vote obama.

I'm sorry that you've been misled by other libtards and can not realize or even understand RP's entire platform is BASED on conservative principles which libtards-like you and GJ and LL and Europa and wespencildick etc, etc JUST DONT GET and NEVER WILL.
Your minds are bent too far left to understand. Neocons, too far right for understanding.

20% of he DP users are confused liberals who do not understand the proper role of gvt or sound, fiscally conservative- policies.
If you learned properly from RP (u didnt), you could NEVER bring yourself to even PEEK at the libtard, big gvt- GJ.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016