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you do not know me.

I don't go around attacking constitutionalists. I don't go around cursing in ALLCAPS. I don't go around name-calling people and I most certainly don't go around name-calling someone's children! I do not do these things because I actually believe in the Love of the r3volution. If you have something to say, how bout being respectful and loving your neighbor as you love yourself. Pride is obviously getting you nowhere. I am not your enemy and you aren't mine; from reading your posting history (something you have not done for me before you call me and my children names), you are my brother in Christ. How about dropping the sensationalism, division, and personal attacks and focus on what you want to say.
Now that that is out of the way, nice to meet you. When I turned 18 I found hope in Ron Paul. When Ron dropped out of the race I was devastated. He endorsed Chuck Baldwin and I threw my support behind him, voted for him, and got others to do the same.
In the 90's I was being brainwashed in elementary school by these apologists of whom you speak. In the 00s i was being brainwashed in middle school, high school, and college by your apologists. I somehow overcame. No one taught me what I know now, I had to search for the truth. I found it through Ron Paul and the Daily Paul community. These people strengthened my philosophical and religious education and faith. I have never remotely supported or apologized for any of the evil people you mention. I also hope I have never let my emotion get the best of me as you have.
If you think that Rand Paul is going to give us more war, police state, and government - you can start by watching the video on this thread, and several others. Why is he attacking Romney for his evil foreign policy less than a month before the election?!?! He speaks of the police state and big government more than any politician excepting his father, Ron Paul.
Good luck, my friend.