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I don't know what to think. I somehow got added to the C4L mailing list when I contributed to Dr. Paul's campaign. Since then I have received phone calls and emails from them. When I donated to Dr. Paul's presidential campaign I did not know I was going to be added to the C4L mailing list. It is somewhat irritating to be added to a list without being told exactly why. When I started receiving their emails I had never even heard of the group. I didn't know if it was on the up and up or not.

I got the letter in the mail this week mirroring that website and asking me for a contribution as well as a vote for the items which they should fund because they do not have enough funds to complete all of the objectives.

The letter was sat aside and probably will not be completed. I may not have given it another thought if you hadn't posted the website. I don't have a bunch of money to throw around.

I don't know John Tate, and I do not know Campaign for Liberty.

I only know that I have been supportive of Dr. Paul. I suppose I am a cult follower because if he personally does not address me with the fact that I need to be involved in C4L and why, I probably will not participate.

I have seen a lot of negative stuff about C4L here on the DP, but who knows if that is done by friends or enemies of Liberty. I don't.

What do you think, Joe?