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>>>>"I test myself by a lot

>>>>"I test myself by a lot more than Scripture" Actually you seem to test yourself by the traditions of men. You judge a tree by its fruits.<<<<<

Yes. You judge a tree by its fruits. Men with traditions, USING those traditions, compiled and preserved the Bible you worship...assuming it IS Biblical Scripture you worship.

>>>>>"You wouldn't even have a Bible to worship if it weren't for the Catholic Church preserving it." Don't you mean perverting it? Apparently you don't know the origins of Scripture. And I don't worship Scripture, I worship according to Scripture. You judge a tree by its fruits.<<<<

No. You only accept that Gods Truth is present in Scripture. Have you never had personal revelation from God? I have. And it is not recorded in the Bible. But that does not make it less true.

>>>>>"We do not worship Mary or statues, or the Pope. We venerate." You venerate statues in direct rebellion against God's Commands. I thought you said you study the bible. Perhaps you should read the second commandment again. You judge a tree by its fruits.<<<<

Art and statues made to glorify God and other saints are not idols. Your denial of God given talents and gifts used to glorify Him is hubristic and puritanical. Besides, some folks need a physical reminder off the supernatural and spiritual.

>>>>>>"And yes, there are many great saints, people whose lives were examples of awesome faith, people who I aspire to be like." No they are not saints just because someone says they are. There are specific qualifications for sainthood not the least of which is keeping the Commandments. You judge a tree by its fruits.<<<<

I think we have established that you judge a tree by its fruits. Yes. There are specific requirements to be designated a saint. I have no argument there.

>>>>>"I never posted that. Where are you getting this? Please stick to." You said "sola scriptura is heresy". You judge a tree by its fruits. <<<<

Yes. I agree absolutely. You judge a tree by its fruits. And Sola Scriptura is heresy.

>>>>>You are making no sense. Nothing I have posted shows any such thing and your simply pronouncing that does not make it so." You worship the non biblical teachings of the papacy therefore you worship the pope. <<<<<<

I am deleting your non sequitur about trees and fruits. It is not germane here. I do not worship papal "teachings". I have posted the truth of Humanae Vitae. That is not the same thing as "worship". Do you not understand the difference?

>>>>>>>The catholic church is guilty of murder and lies throughout history but I guess next you will try to explain how the catholic church was doing God's will during the inquisitions. You judge a tree by its fruits!!!!!<<<<<

Approximately 1200 people were killed in the Inquisition. nHow many Christians, mostly Catholic, were killed by the Jewish led Bolsheviks? Approximately 66 million. How many priests, nuns and Catholics were exterminated and tortured by Communists (state worshippers) in Spain? Look it up, fruit inspector. You are an ignoramus. There is a reason the Catholic Churchj is under attack by the elites. As corrupted and infiltrated by commies and perverts as it is, it still stands for the same principles it did a thousand years ago. The real battle is the state against the Catholic Church.