Comment: This is complete and utter nonsense.

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This is complete and utter nonsense.

But when fallacy abounds it leaves the door open to all kinds of attacks. Because of all the misinformation and false doctrines of the "church" these types of stupid attacks, like South is making, against Scripture itself are made possible.

The early apostles and believers never kept christmas, they never kept easter, they didn't keep sabbath on SUNday, they didn't confess there sins to some guy they called father, they didn't have crucifixes or rosary beads, they didn't pray to Mary, they didn't have statues in their synagogs, they NEVER knew and definitely NEVER called on the name jesus. These are ABSOLUTE FACTS.

Messiah never instituted a new religion. The New Testament is just an extension of the Old with a change to the priesthood and an emphasis on neglected aspects of the Law. The early believers kept the same Laws found in the Old Testament and followed Yahshua's example on how to keep them properly.

The early following was compromised and eventually usurped by Constantine who started the Catholic church which instituted the doctrines above. The Protestant movement broke away from the papal authority partially but retained most of the catholic pagan teachings. Aside from their "rejection" of papal authority, main stream Protestantism did little else as a whole to return to Scriptural truth.

You should all know about the ability of the "establishment" to take over a movement and make it what they want it to be to serve their own purpose. But there are always a few who keep the truth no matter how hard the establishment tries to stamp it out.