Comment: I am not a Johnson-bot. Look

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I am not a Johnson-bot. Look

I am not a Johnson-bot. Look at my posts. I never said "write in votes are not counted, period." In fact, I have urged people to take Dr. Ron Paul's advice and that "each individual should do as he/she sees fit," including write-in if that tickles your fancy. However, after viewing your link and seeing Illinois at ONE TOTAL VOTE FOR RON PAUL, it is blatantly apparent that they are grossly undercounted, at the very least.

Please do expand on the "smoke and mirrors" that you accuse me of using. I am simply stating the facts within the link that you provided.

I am curious to know, considering, as you stated, that this is a RON PAUL forum- why is it that you are so aggressively trying to FORCE people to comply and do what you say (write-in). Isn't that pretty much the complete opposite of everything that Dr. Paul has tried to teach us?