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You are absolutely right Sue.
He was pandering.
RP would have said to them(military): I seek to bring you all home and THAT would be my real thanks to you. I would not want to send you into political wars with out end, with no clear enemy that goes on and on... NO!
I, would use the 14k state department employees that are on the gvt dole, to start earning their keep and give the tax payer their moneys worth and keep us OUT of costly, deadly, annoying wars!"

Instead GJ says, "thanks for keeping us safe." ????
GJ is just another side of BIG GOVERNMENT authoritarian face and NOT ONCE do his supporters defend him by quoting him or a link to a speech he gave, (If they do link its some rinky dink blog out in BFE)like we did with RP... No. what we get from GJ supporters who talk out of their a$$e$ but never say anything that can be used to defend GJ is names and BS.

They(GJS) make mindless and endless excuses but never really say anything... make sense?
Liberal dems are the same way. They cant draw the line to constitutional role of gvt and sound money..
The GJ libs only liked Paul for his NON intervention foreign policy, and GJ even FAILS on that!!!lol

aint that a kicker.
GJ is for intervention "sometimes" and will "never rule anything out".
Instead he should have said "I will look to our constitution and let it guide and grant me AUTHORITY for any action my admin takes"

The jontards REFUSE to see "not ruling anything out" is a neocon phrse!!!!lol
Just like "I will take nothing off the table"

The mindless libs will learn one way or another. but they certainly havent learned Dr. Pauls lesson 101, never COMPROMISE and bow to the lesser.

GJ "wont rule anything out"... aint that rich Sue?
Thanks for posting.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016