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5. Take note of screen names. During the GOP's Tea Party co-opting, the FAKE-TEA GOPers facilitating the co-opting had screen names like "Tea4Ever" or "TeaPartyOrDie" or "TeaPartyRadical." I came to realize the people shouting "Tea" the loudest... WERE THE CO-OPTERS! Same is holding true during the GOP's Ron Paul Liberty Movement co-opting we are experiencing right now.

6. They will attempt to smear the "leader" of the targeted movement with rumors and gossip. This is done so as to weaken and easily "replace" them with the fake co-opting leaders. The tea party was a great example. Ron Paul (the grandfather of the movement) was CONSTANTLY REJECTED AS SUCH by the co-opters (Tea Party Express, Freedomworks)... while FAKE-TEA GOPers like Sarah Palin assumed that position. They achieve this by repeating things like "Ron Paul was partnered with Mitt Romney" or "Ron Paul was funded by stormfront" or anything else his supporters would find repugnant. Sort of a Tokyo Rose tactic.

7. They will use the word "hate" often. TOO often. The left (including Establishment co-opters) actually burned-out that word way back in the 20th Century... but STILL use it to smear their targets and chill truth. This is actually a good thing, as it becomes sort of a calling card of the co-opter, makes them really visible.

8. Co-opters will always attempt to muffle dissent by trying to convince their target that criticisms and efforts are better spent elsewhere. Typically to something that ALREADY has 24/7 criticism anyway - democrats or fall guy "rinos."

Brother Winston Smith

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