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Knife shapener?

Which is more important the knife, the sharpener, or the willful use of it?

I have thought this out many times over and the Majority of People have to reach that point of critical mass and to me they need something tangible, something they can grab with their own two hands, like my Product 1 and Product 2 idea.

I don't know why people can't see the things I see, but there will be a time when inventive, competitive, higher quality, and lower cost alternatives gain CURRENCY, and if you have been at this as long as I have you can see that we are moving rapidly, actually accelerating, in that direction.

Do you remember Ross Perot?

I was where you are now when Ross Perot was attending debates.

What will you be thinking in 20 years?

What will we be witness to in 20 years of the Legal Criminals with their counterfeits don't reach their goals on their schedules?

I don't think that the solution is to send money, not Federal Reserve Notes, so I can't do so myself, nor can I advise anyone else to do so, nor would I ask for money if I went back on the Campaign Trail. Either there is a demand for what I offer or there is no demand for it yet, other than present company.

People close to me ask for my opinion too, and now, just starting now, people even consider what I have to say when I point out the persistent vapor trials.

If it takes 20 more years to reach that critical mass, then that is what it takes, and if Jesus isn't arriving until 40 years, or he arrives in 10 years, or tomorrow, then that is what happens.

You sending Federal Reserve Notes to someone?

I see that as the problem, not the solution.