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I am giggly

Rand Paul is doing a fantastic job. He is our celebrated Trojan horse. He went all in to get inside the fort; established great credibility and then come out of the horse and start the fire in the neighborhood. Watch this recent attack on Romney's foreign policy.

I love the last line in the article, "The Tea Party favorite, however, wrote that he still stands behind Romney for the top of the 2012 ticket. Romney is the "clear choice to lead our country come January," Paul wrote."

Of course. He doesn't want to be ousted from Troy (GOP) but bring it to its heels from within.

I predict that Rand Paul is going to be more effective "pratically" than his dad was. Just look what he is doing with RandPac to throw Harry Reid out of his chair! Unfuckingbelievable!

The fuse was ignited by the father. The son will finish the job! Amen to that.

All you Rand Paul doubters, pay attention. Give to RandPac if you want Harry Reid, the unconfirmed pederast ( put to the pasture. THAT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHO WINS THE WHITE HOUSE!! You know it!!!