Comment: The truth is that it is profitable whether its legal or illegal

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The truth is that it is profitable whether its legal or illegal only matters WHO controls the profit. This is the philosophy of the globalist cartels who dominate the (rigged) markets. Whether through government or privatization ("legal" or "illegal"..they are both the same) the prominent matter exists in WHO owns the rights to control the market. In an "illegal market" it is the drug lords who control the market (really its the CIA & other special interests who control the drug war [and its profits] through interventionist scams like the war on drugs which gives power to the global cartels through the legal cover of the CIA/FBI). In this way the cartels use the government agencies to control the drug market. The other way that the drug market is controlled is by the non secretive arm of big government, which has divisive schemes that are revealed and sold to the people as a way to make something (in this case marijuana) "legal" and controllable by the state to make it
'safe for the rest of society.' I live in Seattle & I will tell you that this form of government sponsorship which is being covered by mainstream media is a trick on the people. The trick is this: By publicly displaying an issue, "marijuana legalization" in the spotlight of the MSM they can make the appearance that Washington (Seattle) government is progressive in its attempts to make marijuana legal (unlike so many other states). The truth is that they only want this image & appearance so that they can tax, control & license the marijuana's development & usage. This is the sole motivation behind pushing this marijuana "legalization scam"...and that's what it is, a scam, like the alcohol scam that gave power of the production of alcohol to the cartels through the state agencies. KNOW THIS: The state will come against any marijuana dispensary that is not "State Licensed".

If the state really wanted to be the first state to make marijuana legal...then there would be NO LICENSE REQUIREMENT , NO STATE SPONSORED MARIJUANA DISPENSARY.. rather, there would only be the self evident fact "that every individual has the right to consume & put into their own bodies what they so choose without state sponsored interference. Marijuana is legal...WHY? Because it is a plant that grows on the earth, and NO ONE has ownership of that, therefore any individual who so desires, can grow the plant called Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) you can make your own alcohol or grow your own herbs & a garden. This is a right given by GOD, not government, whether local or global. The lie about Marijuana, or any other drug (alcohol, tobacco, etc) is that the state must be responsible for its manufacture & distribution. But what does this mean? It means only that the most powerful cartels in the world are able to use the state to make sure that they retain the ability to control the market on the commodity that society (the people) want...the state ensures that the cartels corner & control the market for whatever the commodity is that society wants because the cartels (think CIA/FBI/Federal Reserve) use the power of government to control the markets on commodities. This is an old trick, used many times in antiquity by powerful & corrupt people. In short, the state (many of which claim to be against the market) ensures that the market is not free (and full of competition & choices for the consumer) but controlled for the very few politically connected global cartels who are never satisfied with gain. Beware of the supposed progressive states like Washington who attempt to paint (false) pretty picture of an ugly dominating monster: namely state sponsored "freedom". It is just another form of socialism with freedoms face and it is not progressive in the long run, but digressive.