Comment: This law is evil. The DUI

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This law is evil. The DUI

This law is evil.

The DUI garbage is not worth it.

Looks like the younger voters will get hit hard on this one. Heck if it turns out to be a felony then kiss there voting rights goodbye for a few years. There goes 2016 election. We need those votes, every single one we can get. Or have we forgot FL?

Look into Sensible Washington, I pledged to collect 1000 signatures, 399 more people and it is on the ballot with 400k sigs. This will end prohibition in Washington State if passed Nov 2013.

Are you not tired of Government games, I certainly am. So if you want to continue playing with these JERKS, go for it, and vote yes. If you want to put it up there ( you know ) with me next year, join this group, we will make history next year.

And free the weed, as God intended.

Vote NO on 502... It is the right thing to do.

my name is Craig French, and I approve this message... bahaha
And if in Snohomish County, vote for Richard Sanders for supreme court pos #9. Liberty, constitutional judge, King and Snohomish county DA's HATE him, that alone should tell you to vote for him. Search it, lol