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Hmmmm..decent wages?

If you want "decent wages", presumably you speak of those that a family can live, invest, and retire'll have to have skills beyond stocking shelves, buffing floors, folding clothes or running cash registers.

These are jobs that are relatively, unskilled in nature and hardly deserving of the kind of wages that would require the price increases and resultant loss of competitiveness for a company/business to affect the presumed needs listed above.

"People" start...or invest in...companies to earn money, or receive returns for the use of their money. Maximizing those returns, like in your own retirement account, is central to what entrepreneurship and investment is all about.

Are there "jobs" that are worth more than people are getting paid to perform them? Maybe. But if somehow one is dissatisfied with the "return on time" that they are receiving, it is up to them to find a better return. If their "time" isn't worth more, it is up to them to find either a place that values their time more, or skills that will command a better return.

Sorry, I can't get with your slavery talk as the decision to work at Walmart is a voluntary one, and holding a gun, real or proverbial, to the head of someone you have made a deal with, simply because you value your time more than the person YOU made the deal with...after the fact...well...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?